Earnings, points and Multipliers

There are various ways to earn points and WELT tokens when playing Arsenal. Every 150 points gained in the game will be converted to 1 WELT token. In short, the ratio is 150pts:1WELT.
Points earned when playing against bots:
• 1 point for a normal kill
• No points for a headshot kill
Points earned when playing against other players:
• 20 points for a normal kill
• 30 points for a headshot kill
Extra points can be earned by:
• Winning the game → 150 points
Players can incentivize their earnings even more with the Tiered Points system. This system contains multipliers that are pegged to the amount of WELT tokens the player staked on the DeFi portal or represent by a Multiplier NFT.
Note: Multiplier NFTs are not stacked with Staking Multipliers.
The Player got 30 kills against real players in a game where he had 10 headshots and got 2 killstreaks of 4 and won the game. The player has 30K WELT tokens staked on the DeFi portal.
  • Normal Kills 20 x 20 = 400 points
  • Headshot Kills 10 x 30 = 300 points 5 x 2 = 10 points
  • Winning game 150 points
  • Total points 880 points
  • Multiplier 880 points * 4(50K staked or multiplier NFT) = 3520
  • End Total 3520/150 = 23 WELT token