Unique Rental System

The unique NFT renting system in this game allows players to rent out NFTs that they own for other players to use. Instead of paying a flat fee for the rental, players will receive 30% of the earnings generated from the use of their NFT. This creates a potential source of passive income for NFT owners and also provides more options for players who may not be able to purchase NFTs outright.

Features to the NFT rental system:

  1. Customisation options: Allow players to customize their rented NFTs with unique skins, decals, and other cosmetic items.

  2. Rental Duration: Offer different rental durations, such as daily, weekly, or monthly rentals, giving players more flexibility and control over their NFTs.

  3. Rent-to-Own Option: Allow players to gradually purchase the NFT they are renting, giving them the option to eventually own the NFT.

  4. Insurance: Offer insurance options for the rented NFTs, protecting players from any damage or loss during the rental period.

  5. Partnership programs: Partner with other gaming platforms, influencers, and brands to promote the NFT rental system and attract more players.

  6. Incentives: Offer rewards and incentives to players who frequently rent NFTs, such as discounts, exclusive items, or early access to new NFTs.

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