Business Model

  • NFT Sales: The sale of in-game NFTs (such as vehicles, skins, and accessories) can generate revenue for the game. The unique attributes and rarity of the NFTs can increase their value and demand, allowing for the possibility of high sales.

  • In-game Advertising: The game can also generate revenue through in-game advertising. Sponsored events, advertisements displayed during game loading screens, and other forms of in-game advertising can generate revenue.

  • Commission on Trades: The game can earn a commission on all trades that take place on the in-game marketplace, providing a constant source of revenue.

  • In-game Purchases: Players can also make in-game purchases such as premium upgrades, special abilities, and other enhancements, generating additional revenue for the game.

  • in-game purchases for cosmetic items such as custom paint jobs, car modifications, or even unique weapons for their vehicles.

  • Fees collected from virtual garage mechanics

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