Game Flow

The game flow for this gameplay involves players starting by selecting and customizing their vehicles. They can then participate in races and earn rewards to upgrade their NFT assets. There are various categories and game modes to choose from, allowing players to select their preferred racing style and challenge themselves in new ways. Players need to hold the 1st NFT asset to play the game and unlock Play to Earn. The blockchain technology in the game can only be experienced by purchasing and holding NFTs. The asset visuals, levels, abilities, and powers can be upgraded using $RGAME. The NFTs can be upgraded to increase their value, rewards, and chances of winning in the game. The game's economy is based on the native token $RGAME, which can be earned by participating in matches, tournaments, and earning ranked awards. Players can exchange their earnings to buy a basic or high end vehicles and use $RGAME to upgrade their vehicles, engines, accessories, skins, or stake or trade on any dex or cex.

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