Connecting your wallet

In order to play Arsenal, it's needed to connect your wallet to the game. It's used for redeeming your WELT earnings, checking for your staking Multiplier, and accessing your in-game NFTs. There are 2 options to connect your wallet:
  • Metamask (desktop or mobile)
  • WalletConnect (desktop only)
Currently, Arsenal can be connected to 5 chains:
  • Binance Smart Chain Mainnet
  • Polygon Mainnet
  • TrustEVM testnet
  • Oasis testnet
  • Mantle testnet
You can only connect 1 wallet to your account. A wallet cannot be connected more than once at the same time. Once your wallet is connected, the game will check your wallet for WELT tokens, your staked WELT on the Fabwelt Defi portal, and your in-game NFTs. Arsenal cannot do any transaction without the wallet owner approving first. Arsenal will never ask for spending approval from your wallet.
In the Main Menu, you will see the amount of WELT in your wallet and the amount of WELT you have staked. The more WELT you stake, the more you can earn with the Multiplier.