Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform by FABWELT

FANWELT, one of the FABWELTs’ first projects, is a digital gaming platform that brings this unique concept of playing fantasy sports while using cryptocurrencies to worldwide fantasy players.

Developments in technology have seen a lot of changes and advancements in the fantasy sports industry. A lot of platforms have entered the industry, introducing more games, to the delight of the fans.

With the development and attractions of cryptocurrency technology, Fabwelt aims to benefit the platform and fans of these games, bringing them more earnings, better cashing out systems as well as more digital fantasy games, and provide answers to the various questions/problems in the current fantasy sports market:

· Accessibility – Fantasy Sports Games fans all over the world can use, play and have on Fanwelt Apps using the $WELT tokens, and earn with their in-game skills

· Counterparty Risk – Transparent transactions powered by blockchain, reducing the menace of losing funds.

· High Fees – Do you know, FABWELT Smart Contract is Tax-Free!

Fanwelt will be pristine with its outstanding features:

· One fantasy platform for multiple sports

· Distinctive gameplay

· Never seen before rules and points system  more fun!

· NFTs as in-game utilities

· Partners Technologies guaranteeing the reliability and security of the platform

o Chainlink VRF

o EPNS Notification Service

· Chance to become an organizer and earn by creating game rooms

· Public or Private game rooms

· Leaderboard organized by Fabwelt with huge rewards

· Other multiple reward systems in place

· Chat rooms to amplify the fun of fantasy sports

· Badges to keep track of your progress as a fantasy player

. many more.

The Revenue/Economic Model is based on more than 5 years of Research and Exploration by the Fabwelt Team. It is designed to ensure the sustainability of the platform, alongside high-rewards schemes for its users.

Cricket will be the first sport to be launched on the Fanwelt Platform, which is immediately followed by Football. Both sports have a prodigious fan base in terms of viewership and also fantasy sports. By the end of 2022, Fanwelt will be designed to run at least 4 different sports, Cricket and Football being the first two.

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