Play and Earn Mechanism

The "Play and Earn" mechanism in H2O seamlessly integrates gaming with the world of blockchain, offering players not just entertainment, but also tangible rewards. Here's a deep dive into how this innovative system works:

  1. Foundation of Play and Earn

    • At its core, the "Play and Earn" mechanism allows players to earn rewards, often in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), by achieving certain objectives or milestones within the game.

  2. Starting with a Stock Boat

    • Every user, upon logging in with a profile, is provided with a standard boat. This boat serves as the player's initial vehicle to navigate the game and start their earning journey.

  3. Earning NFTs

    • As players progress, they have opportunities to earn better boats, which are minted as NFTs by the game developers.

    • These NFTs represent unique, tradable assets that can be used within the game or traded in external marketplaces.

  4. Marketplace Integration

    • Players can purchase boats on the game's integrated marketplace using NFTs.

    • When a purchase is made, the game checks the player's connected wallet for the corresponding NFT ID on the smart contract, ensuring the authenticity and ownership of the asset.

  5. Consumables and NFTs

    • Beyond boats, NFTs can also represent consumable items in the game, such as fuel, repair kits, and special abilities.

    • These consumables enhance gameplay, giving players strategic advantages or unique capabilities.

  6. Winning and Redeeming NFTs

    • When a player wins a boat or other reward in the game, it isn't minted as a new NFT. Instead, an already minted NFT of the reward is transferred to the player's wallet upon redemption.

    • This system ensures a smooth and efficient transfer of assets without overcomplicating the blockchain with multiple NFT IDs.

  7. In-game Currency

    • Alongside NFTs, players can also earn in-game currency, such as WELT tokens. These tokens can be used for various purposes within the game, from purchasing upgrades to entering special events.

  8. Safety and Security

    • All in-game data, including earned NFTs and tokens, is securely stored in a dedicated database. This ensures that players' assets and progress are safe from potential threats.

  9. Catering to All Gamers

    • The beauty of the "Play and Earn" mechanism is its inclusivity. Whether a player is well-versed in blockchain technology or is a traditional gamer, H2O offers avenues for both to enjoy the game, with the added option of earning real-world rewards.

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