Earnings, points and Multipliers

There are various ways to earn points and WELT tokens when playing Arsenal. Every 250 points gained in the game will be converted to 1 WELT token. In short, the ratio is 250pts:1WELT (this changes according to the growth of the ecosystem).

Points earned when playing against bots:

• 1 point for a normal kill

• No points for a headshot kill

Points earned when playing against other players:

• 20 points for a normal kill

• 30 points for a headshot kill

Extra points can be earned by:

• Winning the game → 250 points

Players can incentivize their earnings even more with the Tiered Points system. This system contains multipliers represent by a Multiplier NFT.

Example of earning in a game

The Player got 100 kills against real players in a game where he had 50 headhots and won the game.

  • Normal Kills 20 x 100= 2000points

  • Headshot Kills 10 x 50= 500 points

  • Winning game 250 points

  • Total points 2750points

  • Multiplier 2750 points * 7 (Multiplier NFT) = 19250

  • End Total 19250/250 = 77 WELT tokens

Max earning for mulitpliers (WELT/day)

10x : 4500

9x : 4000

8x : 3500

7x : 3000

6x : 2500

5x : 2000

4x : 1500

3x : 1000

2x : 500

Tournaments are not included. Tournaments can always be played, even after reaching your multiplier limit.

Ratio change schedule

In order to maintain a healthy ecosystem and token scarcity the earning ratio reduces over time. This will allow the ecosystem grow and sustain user growth and token appreciating. Current ratio 250:1

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