The Problem

Despite the popularity of Fantasy Sports, there are obstacles preventing fantasy sports fans from getting the best experience possible.

· Accessibility – Due to gambling regulations in certain countries, many fans are left with playing Fantasy Sports games on free-to-play platforms. While free-to-play Fantasy Sports gaming can be fun for some, many competitive gamers prefer fantasy sports games with stakes as they can enhance the competitive experience.

· Counterparty Risk – One of the biggest issues currently with online fantasy is counterparty risk. Not knowing for certain if funds can be withdrawn continues to be one of the biggest issues for gamers.

· High Fees – Most sports betting sites charges very high fees (also known as a rake) for players. Blockchain-based gaming wasn’t able to unleash its full potential, although theoretically, it seems to be a driving force for fantasy sports.

· Imprecise Information – The correctness of information in fantasy sports platforms has always been one of the biggest challenges.

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