Be the best and earn more WELT!

With tournaments, players can win bigger amounts of prize pools. There are different types of tournaments:

Automated Tournaments

Automated tournaments are 24/7 tournaments organized automatically within Arsenal. They exist out on randomly selected maps and game types. There is always a tournament available. It requires a minimum of 3 players to start a tournament.

Every player needs to pay WELT tokens to enter the tournament. The prize pool is equivalent to the total amount of paying players minus 10% that goes to P2E & staking wallet rewards. The prize pool is distributed as follows:

• Free for all modes → 1st - 50%, 2nd –30% and 3rd – 10%

• Team modes (TDM, CTF, ELIM) → Players of the winning team get equal shares

Clan Tournaments

Clans can organize their own tournaments with customizable settings and conditions like entry fee, map, game mode, max player, etc. Clans can compete with each other for ranking and earnings.

Fabwelt Tournaments

Fabwelt usually organizes big tournaments periodically. These tournaments will be based on player levels. This way we can assure that players are competing equally.

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