NFTs as utilities

Fabwelt gaming platform allows players to utilize specific NFTs as consumable utilities during gameplay. This means they can trigger special features such as increased speed, enhanced vision, or infinite ammo to gain a strategic advantage over their opponents.

NFTs are available for purchase and trade on the Fabwelt NFT market, and their worth is determined by their rarity and the impact they have on gameplay. Many NFTs can be used as utilities across multiple games, while others are game-specific.

When an NFT is used, it is transferred back to the stock for resale to a new owner, creating a sustainable ecosystem for in-game NFTs. The NFTs are based on ERC1155 technology, and a sufficient supply is maintained for each type.

In addition to common NFTs, Fabwelt also introduces ultra-rare NFTs that can only be earned through staking the Fabwelt token. These NFTs provide owners with a unique advantage during gameplay and can be sold on NFT markets.

By integrating NFTs into the gaming experience, Fabwelt aims to bring excitement and strategy to all players, especially in the context of worldwide tournaments. Owning unique NFTs offers a thrill of surprising opponents and increasing chances of winning the prize pool.

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