Gaming Ecosystem

Fabwelt aims to establish a thriving gaming ecosystem that provides players with multiple incentives and rewards. The ecosystem will be sustained through various sources of income in the form of Fabwelt tokens:

  1. Pay to Play - Access to certain levels and add-ons in the games will require a fee in $WELT.

  2. Tournaments - Fabwelt will organize weekly and monthly tournaments with entry fees.

  3. NFTs - Players can buy NFTs on NFT markets to gain a strategic advantage in tournaments. Each NFT transaction will have a 10% tax fee that will benefit the ecosystem.

In return, players will be rewarded with Fabwelt tokens through:

  1. Play to Earn - Each game in the platform will have its own unique points system. By accomplishing various goals, players can earn points that can be redeemed for Fabwelt tokens. The Points to Reward ratio will be flexible and based on the number of active players.

  2. NFTs as Collectables - Gamers can earn rare and special NFTs by completing various challenges in the games. These NFTs can increase in value and can be traded on NFT markets.

  3. Tournaments - The top players in each tournament will receive prize pools and special awards. Fabwelt hopes to attract both professional and casual gamers from around the world.

Moreover, players will have access to a gamers' platform where they can track their game statistics, NFTs, and rewards from all Fabwelt games. The platform will feature a ranking system for players to compete against each other, and weekly and monthly contests with prize pools for the top players. All games will be available on a variety of platforms including WebGL, Windows/MAC, Android, and IOS.

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