Howto: Lending

To start lending your NFT's bought on the WELT NFT market navigate to the lending portal from our partner Re-NFT and connect your wallet:

Make sure you choose Polygon network:

Once you successful connected your wallet, click on your wallet on the top and select "Portfolio":

Now you will see your NFT's that you own, including the NFT's from the WELT ecosystem:

Click on the "Lend" button to start lending your NFT. Now you can setup your lending settings: - The payment token that the renter will pay (several options are available including WELT) - Daily Price - Max lend durations in days

Once you signed the transaction, your NFT is available for others to rent. You can find your NFT's available for others to rent in the "Lending" tab of your portfolio:

You can copy the link to send to others. But your NFT's for rent are also visible on the WELT page of Re-NFT:

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