The Main Menu explained

What is there to find on the main menu
From the main menu in Arsenal, you can enter all gameplay and assets functions. We will explain a few below. Please take note that the mobile version looks a bit different in layout, but the functions are the same.
Arsenal Menu
  • Quickplay: Arsenal will find a room for you with players and connect you to it
  • Rankings: Ranking of the 100 best players on Arsenal for global and current running Season
  • Options: Here you can set various options like graphics, keybinding, sounds, etc
  • Buy WELT: This button will take you to the CEX to buy WELT
  • Discord: This button will take you to our Discord server
  • Sign Out: To sign out your account
  • Quit: Close the game
Top Menu
  • Main Menu: Takes you back to the main menu
  • Find Room: Shows a list of live rooms to play
  • Host Room: Create and host your own room
  • Tournaments: Daily and Weekly automated Tournaments
  • NFT Shop: Buy and add in-game NFTs for strategic gameplay
  • Clan: Takes you to the Clan screen
  • Shop: Ingame shop for weapons, addons, etc.
Find Room
User Menu
This section on the Main Menu contains your account details. When you click on your name, a popup will appear with your in-game achievements, your own referral code, and your referral achievements. More information about the referral system can be found here...
The second icon is your XP level. When you click the icon a popup will appear that will show all possible XP levels that you can achieve. More information about XP levels can be found here...
The WELT icon indicates your amount of in-game WELT. Ingame WELT can be earned by playing matches with other players, bots, or tournaments. Ingame WELT can be used to buy in-game assets like weapons and addons or pay for the tournament's fees. When you click on the WELT icon, a popup will appear to redeem your in-game WELT to your wallet , or add more WELT to the game from your wallet. More information about redeeming or adding WELT can be found here...
Wallet Menu
In order to play Arsenal, it's needed to connect your wallet to the game. More information about connecting your wallet can be found here...
Friends List
You can add friends to your friend list. Once added, you can see when they are online, and when your friend is playing in a room. You can join them directly in the game with a click of a button.
Upcoming Tournaments
The next upcoming tournament will be listed here. Once clicked, it will take you to the Tournaments tab. More information about tournaments can be found here...
Arsenal has many different servers spread among different regions around the world. In order to give you the best gaming experience without too much delay, you can select a region nearest to your location. The ping indicator will show you how much delay there is with the region you are currently connected to.