In-Game NFTs

The in-game NFT innovation that we give will be undeniably more reached out than the utilization of collectables as it were. We present NFT tech in our games as usable utilities enhanced by the referred to utilize cases as collectables. Utilizing NFTs as in-game utilities implies players can utilize explicit NFTs that they own for one-time exceptional features/activities during gameplay.

Using the rudiments of Blockchain, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can be traded/bought/sold thereby tracking and transferring the ownership of digital assets like graphical banners, drawings, songs, GIFs, or in-game add-ons and digital forms in games.

With FANWELT, users can trade the NFTs via the FABWELT NFT marketplace or other chosen rostrum like and use them as strategic cards to score more points during the game or give themselves a chance to win rewards from various contests within the platform. Examples of how an NFT can be used in FANWELT include, but are not limited to:

· Double Captain: points will be doubled

· Triple Captain: points will be tripled

· Wild Card: gives the right to change the player selection or tournament predictions

· One-time Organizer: gives the right to become an organizer for a match/tournament

· Player Switch: gives the right to swap a player with other users in the room

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