Redeem or adding WELT

You can earn WELT tokens by having fun with other players playing Arsenal. The amount of WELT you can earn during gameplay depends on different settings. The Play to Earn scheme is explained in this section.
Your total earned WELT is shown on the Main Menu top right corner. You can use the WELT to pay for fees in the Tournaments or buy items in the in-game shop. Earned WELT can also be redeemed in your wallet. A minimum of 500 WELT is needed before you can redeem and a 10% redeem tax is applied. A maximum of 5000 WELT can be redeemed every 48 hours. Once you receive the WELT in your wallet you can trade it freely on the exchanges.
If you don't have enough in-game WELT to buy new weapons or items in the shop, or to pay for Tournament fees you can add WELT from your wallet to your in-game WELT. When you filled in an amount of WELT to transfer, a wallet transaction will appear in your app of choice to confirm the transaction.
NOTE: In order to confirm your transaction correctly in Arsenal you need to push the copy button when showed:
Once the transaction is successful, your in-game WELT will increase the amount you have sent. You can now use your in-game WELT. All in-game WELT, earned or transferred from your wallet can always be redeemed above 500 WELT.