Play and Earn & Pay to Play

To enhance gameplay, Fabwelt will introduce the "Play and Earn & Play to Own" feature on all its games. Each game will have a points system at its core, allowing players to earn points in various ways during gameplay. These points can then be redeemed for rewards in the form of Fabwelt tokens. As all games developed by Fabwelt are part of the same ecosystem, the points to reward ratio will be largely consistent. The wide variety of games offered by Fabwelt will attract a diverse audience of gamers to the platform.

In addition to "Play and Earn and Play to own" Fabwelt will also offer "Pay to Play." To access certain levels, participate in tournaments, or purchase certain add-ons, players must pay in $WELT. This will further support the Fabwelt ecosystem.

To keep track of all their achievements, Fabwelt will introduce a gamer's platform. Here, players can view their game statistics, NFT collections, and rewards earned across different games. The platform will also host a ranking system, with weekly and monthly contests and prize pools for top players. The gamer's platform will serve as the hub for the entire gaming platform.

All Fabwelt games will be available on various platforms including WebGL, Windows/MAC, Android, and IOS.

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