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Seasons in Arsenal is a feature that gives players the chance to earn more in-game currency (WELT) and receive unique in-game assets such as weapons, upgrades, consumables, and characters in the form of NFTs. Each season will last for 3 months, during which players will be registered on the season leaderboard based on their in-game performance, including kills, headshots, and winnings. In this first season the top players at the end of the season will receive a bonus in WELT and other exciting extras.

To participate in a season of Arsenal, players must have a Season Pass. This pass is in the form of an NFT and can be purchased on the Fabwelt marketplace. When you play the game, simply connect your wallet to the game, and the game will find your Season Pass. All your scores will be counted towards the season leaderboard as long as your wallet is connected to the game.

The Season Pass is a valuable asset in and of itself, as it allows players to compete and potentially earn rewards. The NFT aspect of the Season Pass adds a level of scarcity and collectibility, making it a unique item that players can own and potentially sell in the future as a collectible. The season leaderboard adds an element of competition, encouraging players to perform their best in-game and strive to be among the top players. With each season having its own set of rewards, players have a new opportunity to earn something unique and valuable each time a season starts.

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