Fanwelt GamePlay

TFS+DFS + first of its kind Gameplay

Being a game of skill, a points system plays a key role in defining the nature of Fantasy sports and how the experience of drafting fantasy teams, can be made a fun routine for real-world sports fans. This is where FANWELT excels with its unique gameplay and points system, which can also be customized by the users to their desire.

Owing to its distinctive economic model, FANWELT combines the fun of both Traditional (TFS) and Daily (DFS) Fantasy Sports. This is achieved by combining the concepts of organizing individual game rooms and a LeaderBoard for an entire tournament/season.

In the following chapters, a detailed illustration of FANWELTs Gameplay, User Flow, and its key features, will justify why FANWELT is the first of its kind and how it stands out in terms of user experience and satisfaction.

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