Gameplay screen

Whats important on your screen during the fights

During gameplay, you will find different areas of information that are gameplay related.

On the left bottom, you will find your weapon in hand, the amount of ammo in the weapon, and the amount of ammo you have total left. You can change your weapons by using your mouse scroll wheel or select them directly with the keys 1,2,3 and 4.

On the right side bottom, you will find your health and your position (standing, crouching, etc)

On the top middle you will find the amount of time left for the game, and depending on what type of game mode, the game goals.

On the left side top, you will find information regarding what happens in the game triggered by other players. For example when a player kills another player or when a player uses an NFT.

In the middle, different messages will appear according to the events you trigger. Like when you got killed, or you kill somebody. These messages will contain information like who was killed, what weapon, and if it was a headshot or not.

If you are playing the mobile version, all touch controls can be setup to your own preference.

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