The Platform

With FANWELT, Fabwelt aims to offer a dynamic fantasy gaming platform, where users can get the freedom and fun experience of fantasy gaming. FANWELT stands out from the other fantasy sports platforms on Internet, with its concept of picking players and points system. It allows users to register, create personalized accounts and participate in different leagues, either in private rooms and/or leaderboards organized by FANWELT itself or organizers (qualified users based on staking).

Multi-Sports Fantasy Gaming

· Starting with Cricket and Football

· Addition of more sports in future

· Availability of all possible sports on one single platform

· Initially, to avoid any copyrights issues, no database will be provided by FANWELT

· Database includes, player names, player statistics, and game information

$WELT Token

$WELT will be used/traded to use the FANWELT platform, which is currently on two efficient and user-friendly blockchains.

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