Team Races: Unity on the Waters

  1. Team Formation:

    • Players can form teams, either by inviting friends or joining existing teams.

    • Each team can have a designated number of members, for instance, 3, 4, or 5 racers.

    • Teams can have unique names, emblems, and even custom team colors for their watercraft.

  2. Team Leaderboards:

    • Separate leaderboards for team races ensure that teams are ranked based on their collective performance.

    • Regular team tournaments can be organized, with top teams competing for exclusive rewards and titles.

  3. Team Upgrades and Customizations:

    • Teams can earn or purchase upgrades that benefit all team members. These could include team-wide boosts, special team abilities, or even team training sessions.

    • Customizations allow teams to showcase their unique identity, with team-themed skins, flags, and emblems.

  4. Dynamic Team Challenges:

    • Special team-based challenges or missions can be introduced, where teams must achieve specific objectives during a race. This could include completing a race within a certain time, performing team stunts, or even rescuing stranded teammates.

  5. Communication Tools:

    • Integrated voice and text chat systems ensure that team members can communicate in real-time, discussing strategies, alerting about obstacles, or coordinating maneuvers.

  6. Team Bases or Dockyards:

    • Teams can have a shared base or dockyard where they can store team watercraft, discuss strategies, and even host team events.

    • The dockyard can be customized and upgraded as the team progresses in the game.

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