The Solution

One arena that presents the ultimate lineup of online fantasy games. Pairing with the most innovative platforms in the industry, FABWELT & Digital fantasy sports network removes barriers and increases transparency by bringing Blockchain technology to Fantasy Sports Gaming.

The protocols around Fanwelt are designed to achieve transparency, authenticity, and security in terms of information and gameplay, thereby producing a Fantasy Sports Platform that jewels Decentralization as its foundation.

Our platform’s economies will be driven by our unique gamified token and cryptocurrency (WELT), now on Polygon and BSC chains. Furthermore, FABWELT uses blockchain technology to create a trustful system; it removes all aspects of counterparty risk and accessibility. It is also well-known that Fabwelt Smart Contract is Tax-free, thereby countering the problem of lofty fees. In fact, players can even transfer their FABWELT outside our platform to their own wallet or digital asset exchange. Digital fantasy sports and the FABWELT network will bring together the very best games in the fantasy sports industry and make FANWELT a fun and cost-friendly game. It’s your turn to try it out!

Competitive Advantage

The following table how FANWELT will protrude in the Fantasy Sports Industry. The adversaries are categorically chosen, keeping different competitive scenarios in consideration

As time progressed, business models evolved with changes in the market and sometimes due to technological advancements, leading to the unfolding of contemporary and stimulating trends. With FANWELT, we (Fabwelt Team) are determined to introduce to the world a lot of interesting new concepts that could be integrated into Fantasy Sports Gaming, with the help of Blockchain Technology, and thereby add to the ever-growing admiration of this Industry.

Most of the above-mentioned leaders in the Fantasy Sports Industry, offer multiple sports but are limited to a set of these sports. FANWELT aims to host all kinds of sports a user can imagine on a Fantasy platform. While few of them are trying to enable decentralized governance, the majority still work with Fiat currencies. The preamble of in-game chat rooms, counters the everlasting challenge of user engagement. Also, in addition, FANWELT comes with an attractive rewarding system, bringing sports, the fun of fantasy gaming, and play-to-earn together, which ensures a high user satisfaction rate of the Apps. Credits to its Economic Model, FANWELT also offers new earning opportunities, by encouraging users to become organizers and run the platform by creating public or private rooms. This will allure fans to the sports they love and earn while experiencing the joy via the platform.

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