NFTs as assets and collectibles

In addition to consumable NFTs, Fabwelt will also offer NFTs as collectibles and assets in the gaming platform. Gamers can earn unique NFT cards by playing games and reaching milestones. These cards come in various levels of rarity and can be traded on popular NFT markets. Collectible NFTs will also represent assets and upgrades in a game, and as long as the gamer owns the NFT, they have access to the corresponding asset or upgrade in the game. For instance, NFTs can represent:

  • A special weapon

  • A vehicle upgrade

  • A points multiplier

  • A game character

  • The unlocking of a secret level

Fabwelt plans to extend this feature across its entire gaming platform, so the same NFT can represent items and upgrades in various games within the platform. This enhances the value of the NFT and its owner, and allows players to have their own unique gaming identity by using the same character across multiple games.

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