At Fabwelt, transparency is of the utmost importance. In the crypto space, too many investors and enthusiasts have fallen victim to malicious projects that lack transparency. This is why we believe that trust is a key factor in attracting long-term investors and an active community. To build that trust, we are as transparent as possible.

Our core team members have all been thoroughly vetted by our largest investors and CEX listings. Their real names and social profiles can be found on our website at To ensure the security of our smart contracts, they have been audited by Certik, a leading auditor in the blockchain space. Our listing on their official website can be found at

Upon the launch of our native token WELT on November 16, 2021, tokens reserved for the team, marketing, ecosystem development, and other purposes were distributed to separate wallets and vested according to the vesting schedule outlined in our tokenomics.

All wallets with the team tokens are list here below. All transaction are recorded on the blockchain for you to verify. You can click the link to go directly to Polygonscan website.

As of to date all Seed, Private and Strategic vesting periods are ended. LAST UPDATE: 09-02-2023

Team Tokens: Wallet: 0x6b5e2103a2bc1e43205790372129a015cdac92c4

Usage: None so far

Amount tokens left: 50,000,000 WELT

Advisory Tokens: Wallet: 0x2fda88db91cba7a59f456c733f63c41fb6135c12 Usage: Aquire Yida Gao (Shima Capital)

Amount tokens left: 9,964,877 WELT

Exchange Liq Tokens: Wallet: 0xf4bf33473ea702117614c9d0b52a96a0b171e540

Usage so far: Listing Bitrue, Bitmart and MEXC

Amount tokens left: 9,108,248

Ecosystem Development: Wallet: 0xe75a10d438a06a6d796e1ecf909e992fcae5006d

Usage so far: None

Amount tokens left: 77,500,000 WELT

Community/Marketing: Wallet: 0x0af442835d9d4947efec4b55603836a2f9366a5a

Usage so far: Marketing, airdrops and prize pools.

Amount tokens left: 3,602,484

Top holder wallets above 10% of supply:

Anyswap/Multichain bridge wallet Wallet: 0xde829c03b442912d0e29822de06032e937f172bb

Usage: For bridging WELT from Polygon to BSC and visa versa. Link:

Unicrypt vesting contract Wallet: 0x2621816be08e4279cf881bc640be4089bfaf491a

Usage: Vesting contract from Unicrypt. Several team wallets from above are vested here. Link:


Polygon chain: Bsc Chain:

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